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ArtVille is Now a "Socks-Only" Space.

ALL visitors (adults and children) are now required to wear "non-slip socks" while present. No shoes or bare feet will be allowed. Socks can be purchased in the i.d.e.a. Shop. Exceptions will absolutely be made for children and adults that require orthotics to assist with their walking. You will not be required to place socks over your devices.


More than just a play space!

ArtVille is an aesthetic, engaging environment designed with the unique requirements of children birth to under 5 years of age. Young crawlers to curious toddlers will interact in a town built to cultivate awareness of color, line, shape and texture while emphasizing the town philosophy of artistic exploration.


Admission to ArtVille is included in the admission fee. Older children may visit but only as helpers, as a consideration to our younger visitors. Please be aware that children may be asked to leave if they are playing rough or become disruptive to the safe play of others. Please refer to our guidelines for more information.

ArtVille Areas

Art's Living Room

Art's Kitchen

Art's Garden

Is a theme-based reading area designed to foster pre-reading skills and encourage early literacy for our young visitors. It is a place where children and adults can relax and read together in a comfortable space.

Is a full, child-sized kitchen complete with all of the modern appliances where children can pretend to cook, eat, set the table, clean-up and recycle. This area encourages language development, role-playing, environmental awareness, cooperative play and social interaction.

Is a space where children can harvest Velcro fruits from an over sized felt tree, plant carrots in the garden furrows or harvest corn from Velcro corn stalks, providing them an opportunity to role-play, play cooperatively, develop language skills, and sort fruits and vegetables.

Art's Studio

The Performing Arts Center

Art's Gallery

Features a new and stimulating art activity that changes each day that will encourage children to express their creativity, develop a sense of self through individual expression, develop fine motor skills, and become exposed to a variety of new and interesting art materials.

Is a theme-based room that lets children interact and role-play in an active, creative art environment. Depending on the current theme, children and adults could play instruments, develop rhythm and coordination by listening and interacting with music, dress-up in fun costumes, and/or act out stories in the puppet theater. Watch for this space to change with each new exhibit.

Exposes young children and their parents to a fine arts museum experience, all at a child's eye view. Hands-on and "hands-off" activities are provided to allow children the opportunity to appreciate and create fine art and learn museum manners.

Artful Tales every day at 11 a.m.

Artful Tales is a storytelling experience and related art-making activity led by the Museum's professionally trained Gallery Educators. No pre-registration required; space available is first-come, first-served. Arrive early; free with paid admission.

Museum Policies & Guidelines

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Admission: $8/person

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