We’ve gotten a few questions about what’s new or different in ArtVille, our socks-only play space aimed at little ones ages 4 and younger.


Prior to reopening, ArtVille’s high-touch activities were modified to provide the safest experience for our visitors during this unprecedented time.

While some activities have changed, the space continues to provide an environment where young visitors can explore by touching, playing, and actively experiencing their world.

Always learning

ArtVille is alive with colors, textures and activities that provide sensory play and family interaction. Materials and activities have been carefully chosen to promote early learning and development skills for children 0-4 years.

Much of what you will experience is the same, but the activities have been modified and community toys/costumes have been removed. Also, families will have access to individual baskets with supplies for a specific space. Finally, a few new fun activities – such as Shadow Dancing, Tangrams, Color Your World and pretend play experiences at the ArtVille Farm and RV – have replaced some high-touch exhibitions, including Pixel Wall, Vet Clinic, ArtVille Blocks, Garden and Amy the Train.

Watch Video below to see what’s new:

Other FYIs

We are currently providing individual baskets with materials in spaces that used to have community toys. Once you finish, we ask you to place those materials in our red “Yuck Buckets” for cleaning. We appreciate your help!

Please note: Masks are required for all museum visitors ages 6 and older. We also recommend face coverings for little ones between ages 2-6.

Read about changes made for our reopening in our admission policy here.

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