The HUB is a gallery with a variety of interactive areas to trigger your imagination and let your creativity run loose. Create artwork, build, design and explore a collection of interactives with your family and friends in this fun, energetic activity space.

Please note: Activity materials and supplies will be individually packaged for families visiting the museum. We are also providing styluses for the gallery’s touch-screen activities. Additionally, some activities have individual baskets with materials for your family to enjoy in specific exhibition spaces!

We ask you to return the art supplies at the end of your visit, as you exit through the museum atrium. Please take home the art you create in the material bags provided.


girls painting


Create art digitally inspired by artwork on display.

access for all

Urban Art

Express yourself creatively with digital art. While engaging in this activity, children will develop fine motor skills, exercise self expression and problem solve, while also tap into creativity and imagination.

girls painting

Junkyard Jungle

Reuse and recycle materials to “make” individual artwork or projects inspired by “green artists’” whose works are on display. Sponsored by Mesa Recycles, a part of the City of Mesa Department of Environmental Management and Sustainability.

access for all

Optical Illusion

See and learn about art that challenges your eyes. PLUS, don’t miss a photo op on a special rug that makes it look like you are stepping into a sinking hole.

birthday girl

Tech Table

Play a variety of interactive games and activities on a light-and-motion enhanced touch table.

access for all

Oodles of Doodles

Doodling is fun! Let your inner child loose or collabradoodle with your child.

birthday girl

Genetic Poetry

Imagine and create your own new magical creature

access for all

Magnetic Wall

Our activity – previously featuring balls and chutes – has been modified. A individual basket with Magformers is provided to each family for an alternate magnetic design challenge! 

birthday girl

Animation Station

Stop-motion activity station where stories come alive and imagination comes to life.

access for all

Story Booth - currently on a pause

Step into the booth and share a 1-minute story! Share as many of your adventures as you like.

access for all

Black Light Room - temporarily closed

Enjoy imaginative play in our jungle-themed exhibition.

access for all

Zen Den - temporarily closed

Listen for how the sounds move around the space  and how they change over time. Stay for as long as you want, and enjoy the time to let your mind and body rest.



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Free for members and those under age 1

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